Yarn Vibes Organic wool is 100% organic, 100% Irish. Yarn Vibes organic fleece comes from County Kildare, from a flock of sheep farmed by Fergal a 9th generation farmer, continuing the age-old farming practices of sheep-keeping on the Curragh in Kildare - a tradition which stretches back to the days of St. Brigid.


After washing, the process then moves to another historic wool destination; to Donegal Yarns mill.  As early as the 1800's, the tradition of spinning, weaving and knitting wool was well documented in Donegal.  It is fitting that this is where Yarn Vibes is spun using conscious, sustainable and natural processes only to create Ireland's first 100% Irish Organic Yarn.

Each skein of our organic yarn has carefully passed through the hands of our team of talented craftspeople, who bring with them generations of experience and skill, resulting in this uniquely rustic yarn.

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